Google Drive on Web Finally Gets Cut, Copy, Paste Keyboard Shortcuts, Rollout Starts June 1

Google has finally added the cut, copy, and paste keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive Web. You can access the functions from Chrome browser on Windows and MacOS devices. Users can also attach a link and the title of the file they wish to share in an email or a document with the addition. For Rapid release domains, the full roll out has started from May 26 and the feature will be visible in 1 to 3 days, and for scheduled release, the full roll out will start from June 1 with same feature visibility time frame.

The ubiquitously familiar cut, copy, and paste keyboard shortcuts have been announced via the Google Workspace Updates blog. Although late, the copy and paste keyboard shortcuts have finally made their way to Google Drive Web on Google Chrome for devices running Windows and MacOS. This feature addition will also allow users to copy, paste, and move files from Google Drive to other locations within the cloud services platform and across multiple tabs.

This new feature will allow Google Drive users to paste the title and a link to the copied document with the same keyboard shortcuts to other documents and emails. The update will also allow users to create shortcuts of a file to avoid creating duplicates of the file in a user’s drive. Google has also enabled the keyboard shortcut to open files in a new tab.

Apart from the familiar, CTRL + C for Copy and CTRL + V for paste, a Google Drive user can create a shortcut of the selected file with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C and CTRL + Shift + V. To open a file in a new tab, users will have to hit the CTRL + Enter keys.

For users with Rapid Release track enabled, the new features were made available on May 26. For users with Scheduled Release track, the default setting, the features will roll out starting June 1. The new features, for both the release tracks, will be available after 1 to 3 days of the roll out. The features will be available to all Google Workspace and personal Google account users.

Recently, Google has also added a multiple text selection and editing feature to Google Docs to increase productivity.

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