iOS 16 Lets You Lock Hidden, Recently Deleted Albums, Adds Haptic Feedback to iPhone Keyboard

Apple’s latest operating system—iOS 16—was announced during the company’s annual developer conference on Monday. The new operating system brings improvements and multiple options for customisation. With iOS 16, the Cupertino giant is adding more privacy layers to the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums. It mandates users to access these albums by using passcode or biometrics. Similarly, haptic keyboard functionality is coming to the iPhone’s keyboard with iOS 16. With this update, iPhone users will feel a slight vibration powered by the Taptic Engine while pressing a key on the virtual keyboard.

As per the iOS 16 preview page, the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums will be locked by default on iOS 16. These albums can be unlocked using the iPhone user’s Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. Currently, the access to Hidden and Recently Deleted albums is not limited. Anyone with access to the phone can go through your deleted and hidden photos. The iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura also offer the new feature.

Additionally, haptic feedback, which is currently available on third-party keyboards, is finally coming to the iPhone’s keyboard. By enabling this, when users press a key on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard, they feel a small vibration powered by the smartphone’s Taptic Engine. Users can turn on keyboard haptics to feel confirmation while typing.

Besides the keyboard haptics and the ability to lock Hidden and Recently Deleted albums, the iOS 16 update brings several new features including an improved lock screen, focus mode, Apple Pay Later, parental controls, health features, and more. It adds the ability to edit messages and allows iPhone users to schedule emails on the mail app.

The software update to iOS 16 will be released later this year on iPhone 8 and later devices. Ahead of the public rollout, both iOS 16 and macOS Ventura beta are currently available to developers. The public beta releases will start next month.

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