to Release 82 Million Free Domains, Poses Challenge Ethereum Name Service

Crypto exchange has decided to list 86 million ‘.blockchain’ domain names for up for grabs for free. Supported by Unstoppable Domains, this initiative will give users the opportunity to claim their .blockchain domain for free that will be associated with their respective wallets. With this, the crypto exchange is looking to eliminate the need for users to remember long and complicated wallet addresses. The offering is also bound to pose a challenge to the already popular Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

“Instead of having to copy-and-paste long complex wallet addresses like bc1qw508d6qejxtdg4y5r3zarvary0c5xw7kv8f3t4, you can simply type in an easy-to-remember domain like john.blockchain,” the company said in a statement.

Services like ENS and now .blockchain domains make crypto wallet addresses readable by humans.

These service providers are hopeful that easier wallet addresses may get more people to make crypto wallets.

“By using an easy-to-remember .blockchain domain, you reduce the chances of your crypto being sent to the wrong address,” the company noted.

People interested in obtaining the .blockchain domain name can join the waitlist on the website.

“Replace all your long complex wallet addresses with one easy-to-remember domain. Unlike traditional domains, you never have to renew. Claim once, own forever,” the blog added.

The feature will be rolled out for Apple users first and will gradually be deployed

Unstoppable Domains’ website indicates that each domain name is an NFT minted on Polygon This makes them unique and distinct from each other.

In recent times, crypto-related domain names have come to garner major popularity around the world.

Earlier this month, authorities of the UAE also announced that women entrepreneurs aiming to experiment in the Web3 arena can apply for a free domain name.

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) has teamed-up with Access Abu Dhabi and have roped in domain provider named Unstoppable Domains to facilitate the execution of this initiative.

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