Google Maps Nearby Traffic Widget Coming Soon to Android

Google announced a new upcoming Nearby Traffic Widget for Google Maps. It will be available for Android users in the coming weeks. The upcoming nearby traffic widget will allow users to get the information for traffic around their current location right from their Android Home screen, according to Google. Users can check for the local traffic scene by just tapping on the nearby traffic widget on Google Maps. Other than this, Google has also revealed a preview of the widget, which seems to appear in 2×2 size.

According to a blog post by Google, the company has announced an upcoming nearby traffic widget for Google Maps app for Android. The nearby traffic widget will be available in the next few weeks, according to the company.

As mentioned above, users can tap on the nearby traffic widget and can get more information about the traffic around their current location without having to open the Google Maps app. They can also zoom in and out of the widget thanks to a provided button.

According to the preview shared by Google, the nearby traffic widget seems to appear in a rounded square shape. It shows a map highlighting the current location marked by a blue dot at the centre of the widget. However, the company has not made it clear if this widget is resizable or not.

On the other hand, Google also has recently announced that Google Maps will now show an estimate of toll prices that will be included in your journey. The announcement of this feature was made back in April, however, it has just started rolling out to users in India, Indonesia, Japan, and the US with other countries getting it later. As per the company, the service’s new feature will allow users to check estimated toll prices before a trip begins, and can identify available toll-free routes.

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