Walmart Expands Its Direct-To-Fridge Delivery Service, Will Be Available in More US Cities

Walmart announced on Wednesday that its InHome grocery delivery service in the United States is now available as an optional add-on to its Walmart subscription, the retailer’s low-cost alternative to Amazon Prime that offers free shipping with no minimum orders.

The firm states that the two formerly separate memberships are being combined into one to provide clients with a more simplified experience.

In a release, Walmart said, “Starting today, Walmart’s popular InHome Delivery Service, which delivers groceries straight to your fridge, is now available as an optional add-on within Walmart .”

“What were previously two standalone memberships are joining forces to bring all delivery capabilities into a single, streamlined experience, allowing new and existing members to choose the membership plan that appeals the most to them based on the type of delivery service they want,” the firm said further.

Members of Walmart , that costs $12.95 per month/$98 per year, may now add unlimited fee-free and tip-free InHome delivery for an additional $7 per month or $40 per year. “That is $138 per year for both, which is $10 less than the prior yearly fee when Walmart and InHome were distinct memberships. New consumers who sign up for both services will also benefit from the combined programmes’ cheaper rates,” said the company.

Further, Walmart announced that the service will be available in more cities, including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas, Austin, San Jose, and San Francisco.

The InHome service was first introduced by Walmart in 2019. It has set a target of reaching 30 million households by the end of this year. It is developing an all-electric fleet and hiring more drivers to support the expansion.

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