YouTube Music for Android Could Soon Get a Sleep Timer Feature: Report

Google is reportedly working on a sleep timer feature for the YouTube Music app on Android. The sleep timer was already available on Google Play Music. However, users were supposed to go to the main setting list to enable this feature. Hopefully, this won’t be the case when it comes to YouTube Music. The report also states that the sleep timer on the app will appear as a bottom sheet within the playback controls.

As mentioned above, Google is working to bring a sleep timer feature to YouTube Music app on Android, according to a report by 9to5Google. A sleep timer in YouTube Music will allow users to make their devices stop playing music after falling asleep and will also help them in scheduling breaks for their tracks.

The report suggests that the sleep timer will appear as a bottom sheet somewhere inside playback controls in YouTube Music app. Also, according to the strings of code found in the report, YouTube Music will show the remaining time on an active timer with the ability to add five more minutes or cancel it immediately.

This has been said to be a much-awaited feature, especially since this feature was already being offered in Google Play Music. However, to enable the sleep timer, users were supposed to head to the settings list in Google Play Music. Moreover, YouTube’s upcoming sleep timer feature is also said to be somewhat similar to Apple Music for Android.

Notably, it is still not confirmed when the sleep timer feature would launch on YouTube Music for Android. There could also be a possibility that Google may or may not ever launch this feature.

Besides this, last month, YouTube Music reportedly started giving users an easy way to view their ‘Mixed for You’ playlist with the help of a grid view, which allows the users to look at their mixes for Chill, Focus, Workout, and Energy moods in a clean grid manner.

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