YouTube Music Will Now Show Other Performances of Your Favourite Songs: Report

YouTube Music has reportedly started showing users “other performances” of a song in the Now Playing section of the playlist. The new section appears in the Related tab below the “You might also like” and the “Recommended playlists” sections on the platform. Users will reportedly be able to see concert clips, live performances, covers, and remixes related to the songs they are listening to. This feature was reportedly available for a few users a month ago, but now is being available widely on the iOS, Android apps, as well as on the Web.

The “Other performances” section in YouTube Music, was first spotted by 9to5Google. It mostly appears for famous songs and artists in both audio and video formats, as claimed by the report.

As per the report, the new section, depending on the song playing, will show up in the Related tab. When scrolling down past ‘You might also like’ and ‘Recommended playlists’, users will now see the new list of other performances related to the song.

As mentioned above, users will be able to see remixes, fan covers, acoustic versions, performances from other artists, recorded concert clips and more related to their currently playing songs on the other performances section on YouTube Music, as per the report.

Furthermore, the report claims that the “other performances” section of YouTube Music is now available on Android, iOS, as well as the Web. Also, the latest addition on YouTube Music is said to have appeared to a few users last month, but is now available for more users.

Besides this, a recent report also suggested that Google is reportedly working on a sleep timer feature for the YouTube Music app on Android. A sleep timer in YouTube Music will allow users to make their devices stop playing music after a set time and will also help them in scheduling breaks for their tracks.

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