Twitter Will Reportedly Show Users If Embedded Tweets Have Been Edited: All You Need to Know

Twitter will soon let users know if an embedded tweet has been edited or if there’s a new version of the tweet available, as per a report. Currently, Twitter displays the edited version of an embedded tweet without letting users know. However, the company appears to be working to change the way these tweets are displayed after being edited. When the most recently edited version of a tweet is embedded, users will reportedly see a “Last edited” message under the text of the tweet. Users will also get to know if there is a newer version of the tweet.

As discovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is working on a new feature related to the editing of embedded tweets.

According to Wong, “Embedded Tweets will show whether it’s been edited, or whether there’s a new version of the Tweet”. This simply means that if a user embeds the most recently edited version of a tweet, Twitter will let them know by displaying a “Last edited” text under the tweet. And if the tweet has been edited since it was embedded, it will be displayed that there’s a new version of the tweet.

However, it is worth noting that the microblogging site has not yet started testing out the edit feature for embedded tweets. Hence, the implementation of this feature could be different if and when it does go live.

Besides this, in April, Twitter was seen hiding tweets embedded on websites if the tweet was deleted by the original author. Due to this change, deleted tweets embedded on blogs, news websites, and elsewhere on the Internet were said to be displayed as a blank box.

Also, recently, Twitter has been spotted working on a new Status feature among a few users in the US and Australia. The new feature, which is currently under development, allows Twitter users to assign one of several predetermined labels to their tweets. Twitter confirmed to a publication that the company is testing the feature on the microblogging platform for a limited time.

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